Presentation of

Who are we? is a web site created by a cameroonian team (in central Africa) originally.

In its team are blind members, among whom is Yannick Daniel Youalé, that is in charge of the platform programming.

But the web site becoming more in more internationalk, new members from other countries rejoined the team.

What are our purposes proposes accessible and useful softwares to blind users.

Our belief is that because of advantages supplyed by the web, we can overcome limits of the accessibility according to standards nowourdays well supported in all web browsers.

So, our purpose is to supply online accessible softwares, on all platforms, available on all types of devices (PC, tablets, smart phone).

You will then find games, utilitarians, tools to work, etc.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by writting to the address:
Or by filling our
online contact form.