List of applications made by STSolution

Welcome to the page listing applications made by stsolution/stconsulting.
Our goal is to make web softwares totally accessible, mainly by the use of a JS library we created called designer.js.
These applications are classified in the following categories:


Here are regrouped applications generally for blind user in order to help them better navigate on web pages or developping softwares.

HTMLDevelopAccessibility HTMLDevelopAccessibility- a web script to help blind developors to better study web pages they visit
Interface Interface- a gui designer accessible to blind users
MultimediaAccessibility MultimediaAccessibility- a web script to help blinds to better handle videos and audio on web pages
SVGEditor SVGEditor a software to help blind to create images with the SVG language
WebAccessibilizer WebAccessibilizer- a web script to make web pages more accessible for blinds users

Entertainment & culture

Here are regrouped accessible online applications in entertainment and culture purposes not only for blinds.

AccessDJ AccessDJ- an annimation DJ software online
VisuGame Visugame- a web site for audio games online. Just click and play.
VisuRadio VisuRadio- a radio and podcast software online.
WorkflowSearcher WorkflowSearcher- a regroupement of search engines. Search on wikipedia, youtube, google and others in the same application.
Zictureo Zictureo- a multimedia player exclusively online. Play the muzic from your computer by our web page.


The following management applications are reserved for professional uses.

Visuadmin Visuadmin, a software to manage web sites, quick, accessible and complete.
Visutranslator Visutranslator, a software to help workers in translation
Visuweb Visuweb, a software like microsoft access, directly online